Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baseball Morning

Saturday was busy with baseball up first.  I was able to go to the first hour of Baylor's game and he was doing great.
Nice hit!
He's decided catcher may be his favorite position to play.  He really does great at it.
He's gotten really good at throwing the ball.
Eli was at the game with his Mommy and Daddy and little sister.  Parker had fun talking to him.  
On base.
Go Baylor!
Pop always gets good action shots.
Watching the batter.
Ready, Ready, Ready to

And he scores.
He played center field too.
Up to bat.
And it's good...
Run Buddy!
And he scores again.
Love his position.
He has decided baseball may be his favorite sport.  I'm happy he enjoys it and has fun!
Game over, Rangers win!
Good Game!

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