Tuesday, May 22, 2012

End of the Year Reading Party

The end of the year reading party was after school on Tuesday.  The kids have been so excited for this party.  Baylor worked so hard to get to go.  The kids take Accelerated Reader quizzes throughout the year and they earn points at different levels.  This year the theme was about space and to make it to the party you had to get to Saturn.  There were around 200 kids in the school who were able to attend this year.

Silly kids.  I helped volunteer at the party and the excitement was contagious!
The younger grades started out inside where they had snack and played a reading relay.
They were in teams for the reading relay.
They they switched and headed outside.  They had bounce houses, obstacle course, and could go on the fitness trail.  I worked at the bounce house.  I love this picture.
Fun times!
Anna and Lily getting ready to race.
Jack and Baylor getting ready to race on the obstacle course.
On the course.
Love his laugh!  He had a great time.  

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