Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wild Wednesday

While both boys were at school in the morning I was able to run to the grocery and get things cleaned up at home.  Then the lady who made our new bedskirt came to put it on and bring the new pillows.  I found this bedspread at Marshall's in the winter and then found some cute coordinating fabric for pillows.
At the home show they had made a cute ruffled bedskirt out of burlap that I loved and I am so happy with how it turned out.  I love the new look!
After a busy day of errands we picked up Baylor and headed to swimming lessons.
Diving to the bottom with the pole is Cooper's favorite part.
It was fundraiser night at McDonald's for the schools and there was a contest for the class with the most students who came during certain hours.  We stopped by and got dinner to go so Baylor could sign in.  He saw lots of friends, but we had to hurry to baseball.
Right at game time the sky looked like this.  I wasn't sure if we would get the game in or not but we did.  I had to put my umbrella up and down several times but we made it.
B was catcher for three innings.
We won!
The little boys stayed home with Miss Sarah during the game and she texted me this picture of Coop after he finished his whole dinner.  What a great sight!
These weeks at the end of school are super busy and the nights are jam packed.  I am looking forward to summer!

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