Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Day of Gymnastics

 Today was our last day of gymnastics.  We have taken class every Thursday since August and the boys have loved it.
 They love the gym and burning off some energy.
 It has been really good for both of them.
 Since it's a Mommy and Me class I am glad it is over because it's getting harder to keep up!
 Parker has grown up so much this year.
 He's such a big boy.
 Coop is really flexible and does great on so many skills.
 Working on his cartwheel.
 He loves doing somersaults on the bar.
 Park has loved jumping on the trampoline.
 Coop still says his favorite part is the rope.
 Park and Miss Emma.  She put his sticker on his nose.
Coop and Miss Emma.  

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