Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Grade Field Trip to the Zoo

On Thursday the first grade had a field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo.
They were all excited!  Baylor, Maddy, and Lily with Mrs. Smith.
This was our group and all of the moms came too so it was a fun day!  The weather was perfect and the kids had so much fun.
We had a scavenger hunt to fill out along the way at the zoo.
The penguins were swimming like crazy.
The walrus kept swimming right up by the glass.
First grade is fun!
At the dolphin show.
Cute kids.

They were pretending to be animals in cages, silly!
Lunch time.
Checking out the red pandas in the trees.
He was busy talking to this man about the different skulls.
Jack is one of Baylor's best friends in his class.
Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You SEE?
He was so active playing in the water.
Baylor wanted some animal pictures.
I hope they are always friends.  They have so much fun together.
Racing a cheetah.
Baylor and Mommy.
Maddy and Jamie.
Lily and Laura.
What a fun day!
It was a great trip to end the year!

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