Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cooper's Soccer Game: 4 Goals

 On Thursday we had swimming, soccer, and Parker's preschool program.  We hurried from swimming to get Coop to soccer on time.  Pop came and stayed with him at the game and cheered him on so Mommy and Daddy could watch Parker.  We were able to watch the first part of his game and he was on fire.
 Coop, Nate, and Rudy.
 Getting a drink.
 He's ready.
 Go Coop!
 It was a nice night for soccer.  
 There was a breeze and it wasn't too hot.

 Getting the ball.
 Coop does a great job staying with the ball.
 And he's off.
 Getting close.

 Back at it again.
 Working to score.

 A little team talk.
 Moving down the field.

 Sideline fun.
 He takes lots of drinks.
 Love his face.
 Go Super Cooper.
 He's really loved playing soccer.
 Fun times.
Some great moves.
 More great moves.
 Great work.
 He had a great game and scored 4 goals.  He was quite proud!
Go Team!

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