Saturday, May 5, 2012

Game Ball Winner!

 As soon as our little soccer player finished his game we headed to the ball diamonds to watch the Rangers in action.  I was worried Baylor was going to be tired after a make up game Friday night, spending the night with Mimi, and playing tag with Maddy at the soccer game but it was his best game yet.
 When he got there his coach told him he would be pitching.
 It was his first time to pitch and I knew he was nervous but he did great.
 He makes the cutest faces.
 He had a great inning and struck two kids out.
 His first pitching experience was a great one.
 Then he was up to bat.
 He had great hits again tonight.
Run Buddy!

 He scores.
 Love his outfield look.
 His position.
 B playing catcher and C a mess.  He had the black ink from a Color Explosion book all over him.  He was also sticky from a ring pop and all dirty from playing in the rocks.
 His team had another great game.
 They are pretty fun to watch.
 He's my favorite!
 The Rangers won 13-2.  On Friday night they won 11-0.  They had two great games in a row!

 Funny boy.  Parker was at the game too but he was an angel and stayed in his stroller the whole time.  He ate and cheered his brother on and then watched Mickey Mouse on my phone.
Great Game Rangers!

Baylor was the game ball winner and he was all smiles!