Saturday, May 12, 2012

Addi's 7th Birthday Party

On Saturday afternoon we were excited to go to Addi's birthday party!  Andrea planned such a fun Dr. Seuss themed party to celebrate her new 7 year old.

 All of the cute Dr. Seuss touches were adorable.  I loved the Lorax mustache suckers, they were so good.  The party was held at Froyo and they had a great party room that was indoor/outdoor.  The fun colors went great with the theme.
 When the kids first got there they could make Dr. Seuss party hats and do a few other crafts.
 The birthday boy.
 Miss Gigi working on her hat.
 Coop and Gigi in their hats.
 Looking good!
 All of the party guests singed this Dr. Seuss book for Addi.  It was so cute.
 Andrea made cute snack bags for favors out of different Dr. Seuss fabrics.  They were adorable.  The kids won different Dr. Seuss themed prizes at each game.
 Hop on Pop Popcorn!
 Baylor in his hat.
 The kids loved throwing the ping pong balls into the Cat in the Hat hat.
 The competition was fierce.
 So fun!
 Go Coop.

 The Froyo bear came out to say HI!
 Then it was time for frozen yogurt.  The kids got unlimited yogurt and toppings.  So many choices.
Baylor went with Oreo and Cake Batter.

 Coop picked Oreo.
 Now for the toppings.
 Oh the choices.
 The kids were excited.
 Baylor gave me a few bites:).
 Parker woke up from his nap in time for ice cream.

 He was worn out from baseball and soccer and a nap helped him gear up for the rest of the party.
 Baylor won the Guess the Goldfish game and was only off by 1.  He was excited and loved his Dr. Seuss craft prize.
 Pin the Eggs on the Ham was fun.
 All of the kids helped the Lorax by planting a seed.
 Loving the dirt.
 Then it was time for musical chairs.  It was down to Baylor and Cooper and Coop was the winner.

 Andrea did such a great job planning the party.  It was all so cute and so much fun!

 He said he loved the party.
Cute 7 year olds!
Happy Birthday Addi!!!!

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