Friday, May 25, 2012

Conner Prairie

Friday morning I had a doctor's appt.  The boys stayed with Miss Sarah and then when I got home we headed to Conner Prairie with Mimi.  The boys were dressed in play clothes, but I decided to let them go with it.  They were all ready sweaty from playing outside and it was a hot day!
Our first stop was lunch.  The boys were happy they didn't have a class and could just explore today.
Our first stop was the barn.  Lots of new babies to pet and love on.
The barn is so much fun.
I'm always amazed at how brave my boys are with the farm animals.  You would think we were big animal people, but they have always loved the barn at Conner Prairie.
Baylor has missed going to Conner Prairie and was happy he was out of school and could go with us today.
I love this cow, so sweet.
They love running up and down the hill by the Conner House.  It was hot but they were loving the wide open spaces.
Mimi and her pal taking a break.
Go Baylor.
It was a fun day that we ended with ice cream and great naps for all!

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