Saturday, May 5, 2012

Soccer Star

We finally had a nice and sunny Saturday, a perfect day for games.

Coop's soccer game was first and we were all able to go before the baseball game.  He was excited to have a crowd.
It was hot so they took lots of drink breaks.
Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe came too.
Drew and Coop.
He's always so animated.

Silly face.
And he's off!
He really has pretty good control and does a great job kicking the ball down the field and staying with it.
There was a little boy from our church on the other team who kept trying to pull Coop's jersey and stop him from running and it made Coop mad.  He kept telling me "No Hands".
He scored 4 goals!
He was excited!
I wasn't sure if he would run and be as involved at the games but he has done great and really loves it!
He is hot and sweaty by the end!
Go Buddy!

He loves his shoes and he thinks they make him super fast!
Sweaty boy!
Talking to him teammate.
Break time for a drink.
Pop was busy taking pictures at the game.

Go Coop!
And he scores.
So proud of my little soccer player.
Coop with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe.

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