Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Museum Fun

 After preschool we headed to the museum for some fun.  I needed to get some giveaways for Mops so we decided to spend the afternoon having fun.  The new flight exhibit was neat and the boys loved seeing the big planes.
 Our first stop was the Lego exhibit.  
 Parker loved racing the cars down the hill.  We did it over and over again.
 Coop driving the big Lego car.
 1,2,3 GO!
 Thankfully it wasn't crowded because he wanted to have them all lined up with cars he added.  
 He had on a different outfit that matched Coop and then as we were leaving for school he ran to the swingset and went down, which was still wet from the rain, and was covered in mud and wet mulch.  We had to hurry inside and rinse off in the sink and change.  It was a rushed morning to get Baylor to school on time but we made it!
 Coop liked seeing all the Lego creations.
 Watch out Coop is on the road.
 Racing fun.
 Since Mr. Potato Head is closing soon we spent lots of time in there too.
 Such a fun exhibit and it wasn't crowded at all.
 He was calling Daddy on the intercom.
 He loved playing with the balls.
 Having fun.
 Love that smile.
They didn't want to leave!  It was a fun day at the museum.

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