Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mrs. Smith's Class Picnic

Mrs. Smith had a picnic for her class outside today.  She had asked me to come help and I brought in treats for the kids to eat on the last day of school.  They were excited to eat outside and they got extra recess, woo hoo!
Baylor has had a great year this year.
Such a great group of kids.
They all ate quick and then headed out to play.
It was fun to watch Baylor play because he really does play with everyone and has so many friends.  He is nice to the boys and the girls.
He plays tag almost every day at recess and they were busy playing again today.  Almost the whole class was playing.
Fun times at school.
Baylor has loved Mrs. Smith and has had such a great year in first grade.  He has learned so much and has enjoyed learning which is so important!
Baylor and Jack.
When they came inside they had popsicles from being the box tops winner.  Baylor was so sweaty and his cheeks were really red.  Oh how glad I am that I am done cutting box tops!

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Diane Freestone said...

Congratulations Baylor! bring on summer!