Saturday, May 26, 2012

Indianapolis 500 Parade

 Mimi bought tickets for the Indianapolis 500 parade this year and we were excited to go.  The only downfall was the weather forecast that predicted record high temps.  As we were walking to our seats we saw lots of seats in the shade, but ours were in direct sun.
 It was hot but we stayed cool with water, frozen towels, and snow cones.
 The boys got a treat from a street vendor and Parker picked a horn, he was busy blowing it.
 By the end he was so sweaty!
 The parade was really good and our seats were great.  The boys could see everything perfectly!
 Coop was ready to sing God Bless the USA when the soldiers came.

 Lots of fun balloons.
 He put a frozen towel on his head to cool off.  He got really hot!
 The floats were great.
 Dancing with the Stars.  We love Derek Hough.
 They loved seeing all the race cars.
 Thanks Mimi and Pop for a fun time!
 He was dripping in sweat and had red red cheeks.
Headed back to the car.
It was a great day!

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