Sunday, May 20, 2012

Family Day on the Water

On Sunday morning we went to church.  It was the Youth Service and there were lots of graduating seniors. It always makes me think of how quickly the time flies and that our boys will be there before we know it.  It was also my last Sunday to lead Joy Jammers until after Sawyer is born.  I love singing with the kids but it is getting harder being pregnant and I am ready for a break.  We had to get some work done at home and then we headed out for a fun family day on the boat.  Baxter went with us for his first time on the boat.

We tied up with other boats and the boys had fun playing in the water and with other kids.
Cooper the fish was busy swimming.
Baxter wore his life vest and did some swimming.  He did great for his first time.  He was such a good dog.
Park and Bax after swimming.
They love to play on the tubes.
Parker and Lauren having a snack break.
Coop hung out on Bailey's boat, he loves her.

Coop and Bailey
Jackson and Cooper having a snack.
Going tubing.
All smiles.
Taking a rest.

We got Puccini's for dinner and ate on the dock with Tony and his family.
He loves being on the boat.

Cooper buddy.
After dinner when the water had calmed down Baylor tried wake boarding again.
He got up several times again.  He's doing great.
Then Coop surfed.
He loves it!

Just relaxing.
Baylor surfed too.
Parker fell asleep in his booster while eating a cookie.  The big boys were still surfing and he was out.  We pulled the boat out, put him in the car, drove home, put the boat in storage, carried him inside to his bed, and changed him and he never woke up.  He was totally worn out from a day of fun on the water. 

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