Saturday, May 26, 2012

On the Water

After the parade and an open house for Payton on Saturday we headed to Geist for the evening.  We took Bax and he did a little swimming.
Coop and Bax.  Bax was splashing to get back on the boat.
Silly boy!
This boy loves the water.
Help a brother out.
Just splashing on the back of the boat.

Daddy got a new grill for the boat and we tried it out for the first time.  We had hot dogs and brats with sides and it worked out great.  The boys love to eat on the boat.
The Taylors were having a party and we swam at their neighbor's house when it got dark.
They loved the slide.  
Coop playing basketball.
Bailey and Coop.
Bailey, Lauren, and Coop.
Parker jumping off the diving board.  He did it over and over again.  As soon as he would jump in he would say, "Me do it gain".

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