Thursday, May 24, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

On Thursday night we went to an Indians game with friends to celebrate the kickoff of summer.

Baylor was excited to go to a real game.  He loves baseball.
He really watched the game.
Parker and Nola.
The Beck boys and the Hurst boys.
We found a great spot on the lawn that allowed the boys to run and play and sit and watch the game.
Since Daddy was still out of town Miss Sarah went with us.  I can't move as fast as normal right now and I was so thankful for the extra set of hands.
Park and Elena.
Love my big boy.
Grant and Baylor.
Coop by the teepee.
Grant's Daddy took Baylor and Grant to play some games.  B was so excited.
Having fun!
He was a mess by the time we left.
All the kiddos.

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