Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day as a First Grader

 Today is the last day of school.  First grade has been a great year for Baylor!
 He's grown up in so many ways!
 Up next second grade!  I can't believe it.

 We are so proud of you Baylor.
 Looking forward to a great summer together.
 This morning Mimi and I went to school for awards day.  
 Baylor and Maddy.
 Baylor with Lily and Anna.
 Baylor and Kendall.
 Baylor getting an award.
 He got a spelling award and the Citizenship/Good Attitude Award for his class.  Way to Go!
 Baylor and Mrs. Smith.
 All of the kids love Mrs. Smith.
 Mimi was so proud of Baylor.
 He wanted a silly picture with me.  He sure can be silly.
 I love you Baylor.  Great Job.
Baylor and Maddy with their awards.
It was a fun day at school.

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The Gambrel Family said...

Yay for Summer! Baylor looks so grown up, loving his hair!

Nicole said...

I love the first picture of Baylor and Maddy! So handsome and so pretty!