Thursday, May 3, 2012

Parker's First Dentist Appointment

I was a little worried about the dentist when I figured out Tom was out of town all week.  I usually schedule it so he can meet us there and help during the appointments.  Thankfully, Mimi was able to go!  Parker went back like a big boy all by himself!  He did great and had a great report.
Mimi helped keep the boys busy while we waited.
Sparkly clean teeth.
Baylor had a great cavity free report too!
Cooper had no new cavities either which was great.  He had a funny story happen in the dentist.
I was last and the boys were already in the car watching a movie with Mimi.  Dr. Michelle came in and said I wanted to let you know what happened but we are not upset and it's all cleaned up.  Of course I start to think the very worst.  The dental hygienist had finished cleaning Coop's teeth and told him to wait in the chair and not get up until Dr. Michelle could check his teeth.  She came back in to check on him and he was pulling up his pants.  She asked him if he needed to go potty and he said no I already went and he proceeded to dump out his tinkle from a mouthwash cup into the trash can.  Yes he tinkled in a cup in the exam room!  I asked him why and he said they told me to stay and I had to go really really bad.  They were all laughing and of course I was embarrassed but thankful it wasn't a mess!  Never a dull moment.


Brownie Bunch said...

This story is hilarious. Making memories, just remember that. LOL!

Diane Freestone said...

This is a great story! Bring out this blog when Cooper is engaged! Love it!

Amy said...

That Cooper story is hilarious. That is totally something Ryker would do. Remind me to tell you the story about McAlister's parking lot sometime.