Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of School Celebration

 Last night Mimi and I took the boys for an End of School Celebration at Chuckie Cheese.  Pop met us after work and the boys were excited to see him.  We each took a boy and started playing games right away!
 I was on Parker duty so I have lots of pictures of him.

 He had the best time.
 Coop and Pop were pals.  
 Mimi and Baylor went around together.  He wanted to sit in the middle of us while we ate.  I can't believe he only has one more day as a first grader.
 It was a perfect night to go there was hardly anyone there!
 With Tom out of town all week it was nice to have something planned for the evening and even nicer to have extra hands!  Mimi and Pop are so good to me and the boys.
 He was giggling on the helicopter.  He loved it!

 This was Coop's favorite.  He did it several times.
 Coop could finally reach the pedals on his own.  He was so proud.
 Baylor drove P in the monster truck.
 Bye Chuckie.
 Getting cotton candy before we left.  
Yum!  He was super happy because it was his night to spend the night with Mimi and Pop.  The boys took turns and each got a different night this week which was a great help to me and super fun for them.  Cooper went on Monday, Baylor went on Tuesday and Wednesday was Parker's turn.  I wasn't sure how he would do but he was excited and did great.  They also love that Uncle Joe is home too!  They sure are lucky!

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