Friday, May 4, 2012

Make Up Game

 It was a busy baseball week.  Our make up game from last Saturday was Friday night.  We had games on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
 Rain was in the forecast but it ended up being a great night to play baseball.
 Mimi went with us to cheer on Baylor.  She helped me keep the little boys entertained.
 The game actually went really quick. 
 We beat the Cardinals 11-0.  Baylor had three great hits and scored 2 runs.
 Coop liked seeing Mia.  He thinks she is beautiful.
 After the game we came home and played outside and enjoyed the great weather.
 Baylor begged Mimi to spend the night and he went home with her.  He can't wait for summer when he can stay at her house on other nights than the weekend.

Good Game!

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