Monday, May 7, 2012

First Day of Swimming Lessons

We started swimming lessons today at the high school.  This is the second year we have taken lessons there and the boys were excited to go again.

 Cooper has been asking all year when it was time to go back to the big pool.  He loves it.
 He's one of the youngest but does a great job.
 Baylor was excited to be in a group with Maddy and Grant.  Drew, Katie, and Nick are also taking so the kids are having fun together.
 The only problem for Coop is that he misses a nap which makes the evenings long for him.  He is super tired and crabby by dinner.  
 I love that they get more practice before we spend so much time at the pool and beach.
Go Baylor.
 Cooper wanted to know when he got to go back as soon as it was over.
On Monday night I got to go to dinner at Three Wisemen with these lovely ladies.  Nicole's birthday is in February, but with her schedule we waited to celebrate her birthday.  We had the best time together!

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