Thursday, May 10, 2012

Parker's Preschool Program

 Parker has loved going to the Toddler class at preschool one day a week this second semester.  He asks every single day if it is his turn to go to school.
 On Thursday night we went to watch him in his program debut.  He found us and was waving.  When he walked on the stage he found Mimi and yelled out to her, "Hi Mimi".  
 He was a little nervous but he stood up there the whole time.
 He sang some and did the motions which was cute.
 All of the kids did great!

 Getting his diploma!
 Great Job Parker!
 Coop had a soccer game at the same time so Pop did soccer duty and Mimi was able to come watch.
Parker and his sweet teacher Mrs. Fisher.

A little bit of the singing.

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