Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cooper's Last Soccer Game of the Season

On Saturday Cooper had his last soccer game.
He had his game right after Baylor's baseball game so he had been outside playing in the rocks with kids from church for two hours before the game.  He was a little tired but once he got to the game he was ready to play.
Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Uncle Joe, and his brothers came to cheer him on.
He was determined to score a goal today.  He moved the ball up and down the field several times and was so close.  He worked so hard.
It was hot and he was really sweating.  He would take a drink break but them wanted to get back in the game.
He ended up scoring the last goal of the game and he was so excited!

He has had so much fun and has enjoyed his coach and the other kids on his team.
He wants to play soccer again.
It was a great experience for him.
Look at his wet hair.
Go Coop!
Go Team!
His team with their trophies.  
He was so excited to get a trophy!
Great Job Cooper.
Drew and Cooper with their trophies.  Way to go boys!

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