Friday, May 18, 2012

First Boat Ride of Season

 Daddy came home early from work and we headed out for a fun night on the boat.  The weather was perfect and it was hot!
 Parker was excited.
 They had fun playing in the water.
 He loves swimming.
 Silly boy.
 Coop was excited to see Bailey.  He calls her his girlfriends :).  She fell off of her trampoline earlier in the week and broke her elbow.  She had surgery this morning and was outside in the evening.  Coop was bummed she can't swim.  She has lots of restrictions for 8 weeks.
 We picked up Subway on the way and ate dinner on the boat.
 Dinner time.
 We saw some hot air balloons.  They were neat to watch.
 They were so happy to have the boat out.
 Coop has been counting down the days.
 1,2,3 JUMP!
 My view.  Sawyer's first time on the boat.
 Having fun with Daddy.
 Happy boy.
 Baylor wake boarded and did great.  He got up right away.
 Go Baylor!
 Coop surfing.
 As the sun went down it got chilly so they bundled up.

 It was a great night.
Having a little snack before heading in for the night.

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