Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Soccer

 Coop had another soccer game on Saturday.  It was a warm and sunny day.
 Baylor had a baseball game first so we went to watch him for the first 45 minutes and then Mimi went with me and the little boys to the soccer field.
 Coop was bummed Pop and Daddy didn't come to his game but the games overlapped so we did the best we could.
 Coop ran hard the entire game.  The other team was short players so some of our boys played on the other team.
 Coop was white.  He scored 1 goal.  He was disappointed but he did great.
 He was so hot and sweaty!
 Our coach is great with the boys.
It has been such a great experience and fun for him.
 Go team!
 Cute to watch.

 Getting ready!
 Go boys!
 Drew getting ready to score for white. He had a great game and scored 6 goals, but who's counting.
Good game!
Snack after game to cool down.  Then it was time to hurry home and shower for Addi's birthday party!

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