Friday, May 11, 2012

Cooper's Preschool Promotion Program

I can hardly believe the year of preschool is already over.  Cooper has had a great year and has loved school.  He was in the PreK class this year and will be in it again next year.  I'm glad he has one more year of preschool before kindergarten!  He was so excited for his program.  He has been practicing at home and has been waiting for us to come and and watch him.
The kids looked great in the bright preschool shirts.
He took this very seriously:).
For the alphabet song he was letter P.
They all did such a great job.  Coop sang out loud and did all of the motions.
He loves the pumpkin song.
When they did God Bless the USA pictures of family members who served in the military were on the screen.  There was a picture of Grandpa Shadday.
He loves this song.
Waving their flags.
So sweet.
In the Jungle was such a cute song.
He held the heart for If I Were a Butterfly.
He did great.
So sweet.
Mimi brought him a Hulk costume from Build a Bear and a gift card to stuff a new animal.  He was so excited.

Great Job Cooper!  We are so proud of you!
Coop with Uncle Joe and Mimi.  Pop had to work late, we missed him.
Coop and Mrs. Steele.
Coop and Mrs. Moody.
Coop and Grace.
Jace, Coop, and Grace.

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