Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Last Day

 Our last day!  We have loved our time at the beach this year.  Such a magical place for little boys.
 They have loved our time at my favorite place.
 Happy boy.
 The seaweed moved out of the water but was all up by the shore which made it hard to skimboard.  They played pretend sand baseball most of the morning and had the best time.
 When the older two get along they really have so much fun together.
They also played some Frisbee.  They tried to play in the water but the waves were a little too big.
 Coop did some more body surfing.  He said that was one of his favorite things to do at the beach.
 He loves to swim right into the waves.
 Handsome boy.
 Park did lots of digging again.  He said he was looking for pirate treasure, too bad he didn't find any!

 Playing in the shade.
It's been so crowded and the groups are so large and set up so early that we just brought our own chairs to the beach most days.  The double stroller makes it much easier to get it all to the beach.
 The found a big crab today that provided lots of fun.
Coop was determined to skimboard on his last day, but the shells by the shore made it tough and the little water area before was loaded with seaweed.  He did have a couple of good throws.
 Go Buddy.  I have loved watching him and his determination.

 He could be a little surfer dude.

 Playing with the crab.
 I'm hoping Sawyer will be a great beach and water baby too.  He sure had a great introduction this summer.  He's gotten so big, I can't believe he will be here in less than 1 month!

 Looking for fish.
Don't they look like best friends.  At times they are!
 Three buckets for three boys who I love.  
 There was a time that I came to the beach and worried we may never be able to have a baby.  I can remember walking on the beach and praying that we would be able to have a baby soon.  Here we are now with three little boys and one on the way.  Most days are crazy and loud, but I am so thankful that they are instead of the alternative.
 We had to go the pool for our last swim.  More underwater pics for Coop.
 He have been working on perfecting a belly flop, why I have no idea.
 Mid jump.
 Baylor's ready to flop.
 We went to Phillipi Creek for our last night.  We had a great dinner.
 After dinner Daddy and Park went to get ice cream and another suitcase and Mimi and I took the big boys to the beach.
 Gator Boy.
Call of the Wild Man.
It was a beautiful sunset and a great night at the beach.  We swam and then hurried back to finish packing.  It was a great last day!

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