Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mote Marine

 Tuesday morning we were up and ready to head to the Mote for the day.  The boys wanted to go when Pop was with us.
 Park was my buddy for the day.  He had a few meltdowns at the Mote.  
 He did like looking at all of the fish.
 It's such a great place.
 Baylor loves learning about ocean life.
Our underwater crew.
The touch area is a favorite.
The hard part is just touching and not picking the life up out of the water.

The top of the shark tank.
Baylor loves this big shark.  When it was caught in Florida it had 56 pups inside of the mom.

They love watching the sharks.
I wouldn't want to be in the tank that's for sure!!!!
So close.
Great smile Coop.

Touching sting rays.
After the Mote we went to lunch at The Old Salty Dog.
We had a great spot right on the water and could watch the boats.
Then we headed to the mammal center to see the sea turtles, manatees, and dolphins.
Baylor loves talking to the volunteers and finding out more about the animals.  One of the baby turtles that was injured is looking for a new home because he will grow to be over 400 pounds.  Baylor was really worried about him.
The dolphin area with Moonshine.  We were sad to learn that Harley passed away in the fall:(.

In the evening Baylor got a special night with Mimi and Pop at St.Armands.  They ate dinner at Crab and Fin and walked around the circle.
The little boys went to the beach and pool with me and had fun too.
Baylor enjoyed being the center of attention.

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