Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shadday Family Christmas

Baylor made Grandpa a special present.

Cooper opened his Elmo present.

This is a delicious dinner.
Baylor was hard at work on the game with Joe and Megan.

Baylor loved fried chicken.

Coop and Pop.

Cooper loved the guitar.

"You break it we fix it"

Last night we celebrated Christmas with the Shadday family. We had a great night together and enjoyed a wonderful evening. We had Kopper Kettle and the dinner was delicious. We played games and had lots of great prizes. Baylor and Cooper ended up with some really great treasures. Baylor received a Handy Manny costume and tool box that he put on right away. He looked just like Manny. He let Grandpa wear the hat for a bit and it was too funny. We also had a time for caroling and Uncle Dave played the guitar. Cooper was so intrigued by the guitar and loved strumming it with Uncle Dave and Aunt Sherry. He danced during all the music. During the singing there were lots of tears because we definitely missed Grandma. She had such a beautiful voice and loved to sing with her family. I know she is singing in heaven this Christmas. We are so blessed to have such a special family.

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