Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All Aboard

Baylor talked to Santa for a long time.
They were able to sit with Santa and tell him about what they want for Christmas.
Can you tell he didn't want to be held down on the train?
Baylor riding in the caboose.
Cooper loved looking at the windows.

Baylor was pointing everything out to Coop.

Mimi and Coop listening to the music.

Sarah and Cooper.

After Mops we went to the State Museum with Mimi to ride the train and see Santa. We happened to be there on the same day that Katie had her choirs there to sing. Baylor was so excited to see Sarah and watch her sing. Katie did such a great job and the kids sang wonderfully. Cooper had so much fun on the train. He kept standing up and dancing while on the train. I had to ride with him and hold on to him the entire time. Baylor liked riding on the train and singing songs. They both saw Santa and told him the newest Christmas wishes. Well Cooper didn't but he sat and listened to Baylor. We had a great time and love enjoying all the special events of the season.

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