Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mom's Ornament Party

I have known most of these ladies for my whole life.
Food Glorious Food!

Oh how I love Megan. She is so special to our family.

Mom's hand blown ornament tree. It is breathtaking.

Mom is welcoming the crowd.

My sweet Mama!

Last night was one of my favorite events of the Christmas season. Every year my mom hosts an ornament party for close friends and family. She has been doing this for several years since I was a little girl and the same people come year after year. My mom is the ultimate party planner and truly wants everyone to feel special and have a good time. She has the best food and a huge assortment. She picks up special items from all of our favorite places. Her house is so charming at Christmas and exudes the spirit of the season. The ornament game is quite fun and everyone loves to come away with their favorite. Last night we had a little scare with Cooper and Tom called at 9:00 and said we needed to take him to the ER. He had a bloody diaper and the doctor was worried it was related to his new acid reflux medicine or the steroid shot he received on Monday. Luckily everything turned out great and the doctor said he was a little backed up, surprise to us since he never has any problems in that department. I felt bad that this stopped the party but am praising God that once again he has his protective hand over our little love bug. I wanted to get a picture of mom and I last night but that didn't happen in all the commotion. Here are the ones I did take before the phone call.

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