Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Night

Baylor was trying out his new bike with Daddy's help.

Cooper sitting in his new chair while talking on his phone.

Baylor and his new dogs.

This game was a big hit!
The boys are both in bed and I know they were exhausted. It was truly a wonderful Christmas day. Baylor was so excited the entire day and was so happy with all of his presents from our loved ones. He kept saying this is just what I wanted and this is my favorite. When I asked what he like the best he said all of it. I genuinely think this was the case. When we came home tonight it did look like a bomb had exploded in our downstairs. Between all of the parties we have quite a stash to put away. While I was feeling overwhelmed we decided to let it go and have fun with the boys tonight and let them enjoy their new toys. Baylor wanted to open everything but some of the boxes take so long to get them opened. He loved playing with his new dogs, the Elefun game, and his leapster. He had several things out and had a great time. Cooper was busy following Baylor and finding new toys to play with. He was on his four wheeler and sweeping with his new sweeper. On this Christmas night I am feeling so much love and joy for my family and my three special boys. Tom, Baylor, and Cooper mean the world to me and they are the best gift I could ever receive. I love you all!

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