Saturday, December 6, 2008

Children's Museum

This was Cooper's first time on the slide.
Baylor beat Daddy and Mommy every time.
Andrea and Addison look like they tied.

It was a little hard to get these two to slow down. This was the best picture of the two of them together.

Head baker, Baylor Heneghan Hurst.

These brothers are working hard at the oven.

Cooper and Gigi loved all the pans.

Mom look at me playing with all the stuff I'm not supposed to touch in our kitchen.
These chairs are just our size.

Two best friends and two darling babes.

Our best Santa photo of the day. We were busy looking at all that was going on and trying to pull Santa's beard.

Let's hope Cooper doesn't become obsessed with fiesta too. He didn't want to take it off tonight.

This morning we went to the Children's Museum to play in the holiday area. As we were walking in we ran into the Gambrel family. What a great treat. We were able to go on the slide with them and play together. Gigi and Cooper had a great time cooking in the kitchen together. They were so cute. We had a great time. Tonight Tom and I went on a date and saw Four Christmases. We even went to dinner, what a special treat. It was nice to talk in the truck and sing to adult songs. I forget what it feels like to ride in a car without hearing kids music or listening to a DVD. I know all the words but have never seen some of the movies we watch in the car. When we got home the boys were so excited to see us. They had switched pj's and Baylor was wearing Coop's shirt and Cooper was wearing fiesta. How funny. This was such a great day with our family.

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