Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iced In

Cooper was very busy with the dust mop.

Baylor did a great job on his cookies.
Busy painting again!

Please let me touch!

Game time in the "cage" while mom was making a delicious lunch.

Catch Mom!

Can you tell I had some cheese puffs with my grilled cheese and fruit? My face was a mess.

While Baylor wishes we were snowed in, we stayed home today because of the icy roads. After preschool was cancelled early this morning our plans for the day quickly changed. We stayed home and made crafts (I can't believe we still have more to work on), wrapped gifts, cleaned the house, played games, and made cookies. What a busy day. When we woke up Baylor and Cooper changed into their feet pj's and have been quite happy all day. They both enjoy spending time at home. They had a great time playing all the ornaments and having a little dance party. The hardest part for Cooper is watching Baylor touch when he is not allowed. The difference is Baylor can turn one on without pulling it off and causing a fall. Next year Cooper will be able to help too.

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