Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little People Play Time

Cooper is busy watching his brother.
We are having fun together.
How does this person fit in the seat?

Where's Cooper?

Cooper received several Little People toys for Christmas and the boys have had fun playing with them. Cooper enjoys filling and refilling the plastic tub that stores them and also enjoys playing peek a boo with the tub. When both boys woke up from their nap they played together for quite some time. Lately it has been a little hard for Baylor to share with Cooper but they played really nice. I think it helped that the toys were all Cooper's and he was letting Baylor play with him. It is fun to watch them play together. Baylor was showing Cooper how to put all the people in the cars and the animals in the barn. The funniest part was watching Cooper knock them over right away. I think this may help build patience for Baylor too. We do need to learn this as well.

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