Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Carol

Baylor was such a good boy.
He wanted to pose on the stairs.

Handsome fellow.

Baylor was so happy Joe and Megan were there. He wanted to sit by Mimi and Megan.

Baylor has been watching Mickey's Christmas Carol over and over to prepare for tonight's play. We have talked about the characters and what happens in the movie. Tonight Baylor went to IRT's production of Christmas Carol with the grown ups. He was so excited that he was old enough to go but Cooper had to stay home. Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Joe, and Megan were all so proud of how well he did during the entire program. He kept wondering when Donald Duck or Jimminy Cricket were going to be coming on stage. I guess the Mickey's Christmas Carol was a little confusing for him but it helped with the story outline. He was definitely a little scared by the third spirit and held on tight to Mimi. We had a fun night together and truly enjoyed the wonderful performance. I love the sets and the snow machine is fantastic. If only we could have that kind of snow that always stays white and is easy to clean up. We missed Pop tonight who could not come because of choir practice. Baylor was sad he could not join us but I know he had a great time and enjoyed his big boy night out at the theatre.

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