Sunday, December 7, 2008

5 Stickers + Bed Chart = Bolt

Cooper had fun playing peek a boo in the toy basket that he emptied.
Baylor liked the dog and the little girl in the movie.

The completed bed chart. He loved the Christmas stickers.

Today is the day for my reward.

Bedtime at our house is always a little bit of a challenge. Our boys do not go to bed early or without a fight. Both of them have been more of night owls since they were newborns. It is always, "I need a drink, I need to go potty, Another book please, Let's listen to more music, Will you lay with me", and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately we are easy and give in a little too soon. In the summer we started a bed chart with Baylor and he was doing great of sleeping the entire night in his own bed. Then we started to slip into our old habits again. With Tom working so much he is so tired when he goes to read and listen to songs with Baylor before bed. On most nights Tom would fall asleep before Baylor. Before we knew it Baylor needed someone to lay down with him in the fort. Well this week started a new bed chart with the reward of going to see Bolt at the movie theatre. He picked Daddy to go with him and it was a nice treat for them to spend time together. They both said the movie was great and they had fun with just the two of them. I spent the day with Coop who felt like being cuddled all day long. He has a cold and just wanted to be held. I enjoyed spending time with my love bug.

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