Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Our family on Christmas Eve.
Cooper had fun rocking in this chair.

Mom gave Katie and Adam this special ornament to remember their first year teaching music.

Cooper wanted to show Sarah the ornaments.

Baylor and Sarah were busy checking the Santa tracker.

I love Mama!

Coop and Mommy.

Baylor and Sarah ate on the floor. He loves her so!

Santa leaves one present for each child on the front porch.

Cooper wanted to help unwrap the Santa gifts.
Cooper was so excited.

What a wonderful night that truly centered around the reason for the season. Church was beautiful tonight and the songs were so meaningful. There is something about sweet songs proclaiming the birth of Jesus that always bring tears to my eyes. My brother sang O Holy Night and did a great job. I could listen to him for hours. We then went to my mom's house for a wonderful evening. The food was delicious and the company was sweet. My mom had us tell what we were most thankful for this year and a gift we wanted to give Jesus this year. Many of the remarks brought tears to my eyes. We sang before leaving and my dad sang Silent Night in German. This is a yearly tradition and always reminds us of my grandma's family. It was such a special night.

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