Thursday, December 25, 2008

He Came

Merry Christmas Boys!
Wow, I have my own little four wheeler.

Baylor and Biscuit.

Baylor wanted to try out his painting before we went to Mimi's house.

Baylor picked out a special present for Mommy.

When we woke Baylor up this morning he was so excited and could not wait to get down stairs. He ran down the steps and was yelling he came he came. It was too cute. Baylor loved all of his toys and could not wait to start opening. Cooper only opened a few presents and then played with the paper and wandered around the room. He was interested in what his big brother was doing. Baylor loved his Biscuit, bike, leapster, and easel. Mommy and Daddy love their presents too. It was a great morning and everyone had fun watching and opening together.

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