Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Baylor and Coop waiting for Daddy to change the tire.
Baylor by our trick or treat van.
Addy and Baylor inside of the Gambrel trick or treat station.
Mommy and Coop going to the animal show. Look at the red cheeks.
The Hurst boys having fun together.
This morning before church we let Baylor open one of his presents from us. He got a cowboy outfit, hat, and boots. He was so excited he wore them to church. We didn't let him wear the hat to church, but the boots were a big hit. This afternoon we went to a great event at Silly Safari's. They have a trick or treat event where you decorate your trunk and then get candy from every car. Some people went all out in their decorations. We came home with lots of candy. Baylor wore is cowboy outfit, but got hot and took off his shirt and just wore the vest. He looked like the village people. Cooper was a little toasty in his cowboy gear too. Addy and Gigi went to and we had a great time. After the trick or treating there was a parade, music, and a live animal show. Baylor loved the animal show. He really liked the baby alligator and porcupine. They also had a great dane which Baylor thinks would be a good dog for us. I can't definitely say that will never happen. We had a great time.

*The only bad part of the event was that we got a flat tire on the way and Tom had to change the tire in his hot Woody costume. He was really hot and sweaty. Luckily the tire incident happened right in front of Silly Safari Station so we were still able to get there safely and on time.

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