Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art Class #2

Baylor's finished projects from today.
Paint and potatoes, oh what fun!

This is hard work.
Snack time with my pal.

In art class today the kids finished their study of Metisse. Today they learned about the final colors of the color wheel. They really did a great job with the concept of opposites. They also worked on patterns today. Baylor's favorite part was using potato stencils to make patterns on large butcher paper. Miss Anna told them they could use this for wrapping paper. It was a great class today and the kids really had a fun time. It was an extra special treat to have Paul come to class today. He is in town this whole week and Baylor has loved seeing him and playing with him again. He asked me today when Paul was going to move back. If only I had an answer for him. We sure do miss Paul and his family.

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