Saturday, October 18, 2008

Disney Day Two

Cooper took two naps each day in the stroller. He is such a great baby.
Donald was ready for a fiesta. Notice the rain soaked shirt on Baylor. We bought a new t-shirt in Mexico before dinner.
Baylor wanted to stand next to Snow White. He was shy of her he said.
Snow was tickling Coop's feet. He laughed and had a great time.
Baylor loved eating right by the boat ride.
After moving to Saratoga Springs in the morning we were off for Epcot. It was a hot day with some rain showers here and there. Baylor loved going on Test Track. He really likes fast rides and is ready for any thing. I love the Nemo ride and going through all of the countries. Mimi and Coop spent lots of time together today and tried to stay dry during the rain showers. For dinner we went to Mexico and ate right by the boat ride. Baylor waved "Hi" to each boat and told several of them he just turned 4. This dinner started the singing extravaganza. When Mimi booked everything she told them the boys were celebrating their birthdays. At each place they got a special birthday treat and a song. I don't think any person has been sang to so many times. It was fun.

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