Saturday, October 18, 2008

Disney Day Four

Mommy and Coop at the Grand Floridian.
Happy Birthday Cooper.
The boys with Pooh.
Hi Pooh, My name is Cooper.
Birthdays are tiggerific.
Coop is laid back with Pooh.
Pool Time fun. The shower was the highlight.
Baylor the Sheriff on his pumpkin.
This pumpkin is bigger than the birthday boy.

Coop is watching the show.
Baylor loved the fried chicken.
Cooper and Mommy watching the show.
Baylor and Mimi making music at the Hoop Dee Do Review.
Turning 1 is very hard work.

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper Myers Hurst!

I can hardly believe that Cooper is already 1. The year has flown by and we have so enjoyed having Cooper in our lives. He is such a blessing from God and has enriched our family. I feel so lucky to have two little boys and love spending every day with them.
Cooper had a very exciting first birthday. For breakfast we went to the Grand Floridian to eat with Pooh and friends. He wore his birthday hat the entire time and enjoyed watching all the action. In the afternoon we went to the pool and waited for Daddy to come. We were all so excited to see him. In the evening we went to the Hoop De Doo Review. The boys wore cowboy outfits and loved the show. Baylor enjoyed the yummy food and all the singing and dancing. Cooper clapped his hands and danced in his high chair. He really watched the show and had a great time. Mimi, Daddy, Mommy and Baylor sang "Happy Birthday" to Cooper at the show. What a fantastic day.

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