Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Interview with a 4 year old

I decided to ask my little four year old a few questions on his big day. Here are Baylor's answers to my questions. I had more to ask but he was done by the end. He wanted to play with his new toys.
Mom: Are you sad you are going to be four?

Baylor: "Now hunny, I'm not sad because when I get older I get a dog"

Mom: What is your favorite color?

Baylor: "Blue and Green of course"

M: What is your favorite book?

B: "Curious George"

M: What is your favorite movie?

B: "All kinds, Pooh, Alvin, Tom and Jerry...."

M: What are your favorite foods?

B: "Chicken Rerriyaki, Pizza, and Apples"

M: What is your favorite restaurant?

B: "The place with the yummy rolls, McDonald's, and House of Tokyo"

M: Who do you like better, Mickey or Donald?

B: "Both of course"

M: What do you want to be when you get older?

B: "A fireman and a dad and a football player and a car driver"

M: If you could have a pet, what would you like?

B: "Actually I want lots of pets, but I really want a dog of course"

M: Who lives in heaven?

B: "Jesus"

M: What are your favorite toys?

B: "My cuddlies and my four wheeler"

M: What is your favorite thing to do?

B: "Play outside and do crafts. I also like to read books and play with my brother"

M: Who is your best friend?

B: Addison, Maddy, and Little Katie.

M: Why do you always ask for minutes before nap?

B: "Hunny I want more time to play and want to stay with you and Cooper"

M: I love you all the world.

B: " I love you mucher than you love God or Jesus. Do I have to take a nap now? "

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Jamie said...

Happy Birthday, Baylor. We are so lucky to have you as a friend. Maddy was so excited to hear your answers.....especially about your best friends!:) We hope you have a wonderful trip. We will miss you! Hope you had a great birthday!