Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Books, Books, Books

We love books!

Here are a few of Baylor's favorites. He loves Curious George, Dr. Seuss, Clifford, Franklin, and Charlie Brown.

Cooper likes to look at picture books. He loves turning the pages.

I love the colors on the bookshelf. Do you notice any of your favorites? These are Coop's current favorites. He likes books with flaps, things to touch, pop ups, and sound.

Books are one of my obsessions. Who can pass up a new book in a bookstore? I love the smell of new books and turning fresh new pages. Being a teacher I would always let story time go on longer and loved teaching reading. What an exciting time when kids start to read. As a mom, it is hard for me to say no when it come to books. Baylor is always trying to extend his bedtime reading. I have a hard time saying no when he says, "Just one more". I wonder how many times he says those words. When Baylor brings home book order I think I am more excited than him. I always want to order new books. I started reading with the boys when they were a few months old. Baylor would sit for long periods at just a few months and would read basket after basket. Cooper is really starting to enjoy reading time too. When Baylor goes to bed, I always take time to read one on one with Coop before he goes to bed. The hardest part of cleaning out my room at school was leaving books behind. I went back several times to make sure I took all my favorites. We had to get a new bookshelf that houses books from school. Ever since You've Got Mail I thought it would be fun to own a bookstore like Shop Around the Corner. It would be great to decorate a bookstore, have story time, and order lots of new books. Really can you ever have too many books? We might be close but our shelves always have room for one or two more.

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