Saturday, October 4, 2008

Circus Party Extravaganza

What's better than the circus coming to town? A birthday party with lots of clowning around! Baylor and Cooper's Birthday Extravaganza.

Today was the perfect day for a birthday party. The weather was wonderful and the party went great.

The decorations:
Mimi helped us get ready for the big day. Pop and Uncle Joe came early to help set up.

The food: We had Kopper Kettle for the birthday party. Everything was delicious.

The treat bags: The treat bags were filled with circus goodies. They had circus books, coloring books, clown masks, clown noses, circus trains, stickers, tattoos, circus animals, clown figure, circus candy, and crayons.

The party activities: We had a clown bounce house, a clown who did face painting, balloon animals, and a magic show, and pony rides.

The guests: We had 70 people at our house and 24 kids. It was a great time with our friends and family.

The birthday boys: Baylor and Cooper had a great time. Cooper was a little in awe with the whole day and Baylor was in heaven.

The presents: The boys loved their presents. Baylor wanted to open everything right away and Cooper enjoyed crawling over the boxes.

The end. At the end of the party Cooper fell asleep playing with balloons on Pop's lap. He slept on his chest for over an hour.

We couldn't have asked for a better day. The circus party was great and wore the two birthday boys out.

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