Monday, October 6, 2008

Baylor's Preschool Birthday

Look at those red lips on Baylor.

Baylor and Mrs. Steele with his treat bags.
Today I brought treats to Baylor's preschool to celebrate his birthday. He was excited to have me come to his school. I was able to go to music time and sing with Baylor. For snack he wanted cupcakes and apples. I brought spiderman cupcakes and they were a big hit. The icing was all over the kids lips. Baylor thought he looked like a clown. After eating Baylor passed out his treat bags to his friends. He was so proud. I can hardly believe that my baby is going to be 4 tomorrow. I told Baylor that this was my last day with his as a 3 year old. He told me not to be sad that 4 was better. I am sure this next year will be exciting and filled with lots of fun adventures. Before nap today I hugged Baylor extra tight and said, Spit Spot my little 3 year old. I will have a 4 year old napper tomorrow. I love him so!

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