Friday, October 3, 2008

Let The Birthday Begin

Look at those spiderman muscles!

Papaw and Cooper sitting at Cooper's new picnic table.

This afternoon Papaw and Mamaw came over to give the boys their presents. We had a nice time outside in the beautiful fall weather. Baylor was so excited to open his presents and help Cooper too. Baylor loved is spiderman costume, backpack, memory game, and figure. When he opened the costume he said, "I have been waiting for one of these." He put it on right away in the backyard and then showed us all he could do with his super big muscles. He wore it all night long. Cooper got his own picnic table and some great new toys. He loved the shape sorting elephant. The bounce house for the party arrived early and Baylor was able to try it out in his costume before the big day. He can't wait for his friends to come over in the morning. We are so excited.

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