Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day With Pop

What a scrumptious little pumpkin!

Best brothers before church.
The big kids eating dinner. Cooper, Eli, and baby Jackson will join the group soon.
Tom left for San Fransisco on Saturday morning for a conference. It was a quick turn around time for him to unpack and repack in such a short amount of time. Baylor was really sad to see his daddy leave and has been worried about noises and being scared. Luckily we made it through the first day and Tom returns on Wednesday. After church Baylor played with Pop. They played outside and watched Star Wars. At Pop's house Baylor had a photo shoot of Pop. He took some great pictures. Pop also took Baylor to the apple orchard. He had a great time picking apples and was happy that Pop could lift him really high to reach big apples. Baylor loves spending time with Pop. Tonight we had a chili supper with our care group. Baylor loves playing with Maddy, Drew, and Nick. The kids had a great time tonight and were playing well together. It was nice to have something to do tonight with Tom gone. It was a great night of fun and fellowship with great friends.

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