Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zoo Boo

Brotherly love before church.
My best friends Tigger and Pooh.

What a cute little Pooh bear.

Daddy and Tigger at the seals.

Coop finally made it to the playground. He loved the slide. It wasn't crowded so he could play and have fun.
After church we went to Zoo Boo at the Indianapolis Zoo. Tigger and Pooh went with Mommy and Daddy and we had lots of fun. The zoo is all decorated for Halloween and has special activities for the kids. We thought it was going to be a rain out but it ended up being great weather for warm costumes. Baylor loved the seals and Cooper liked waving at the fish. The playground was a big hit for both boys. This really was a great weekend of family time. I love spending time with my boys.

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